geographical region

geographical region
a demarcated area of the Earth
Hypernyms: ↑region
Instance Hyponyms:
Andalusia, ↑Andalucia, ↑Appalachia, ↑Adelie Land, ↑Terre Adelie, ↑Adelie Coast, ↑Bad Lands, ↑Badlands, ↑Barbary, ↑Bithynia, ↑Nubia, ↑Caucasia, ↑Caucasus, ↑Transcaucasia, ↑Coats Land, ↑East, ↑eastern United States, ↑Southeast, ↑southeastern United States, ↑Southwest, ↑southwestern United States, ↑Northeast, ↑northeastern United States, ↑Northwest, ↑northwestern United States, ↑Midwest, ↑middle west, ↑midwestern United States, ↑Pacific Northwest, ↑Enderby Land, ↑Finger Lakes, ↑Maghreb, ↑Mahgrib, ↑Big Bend, ↑Queen Maud Land, ↑Victoria Land, ↑Wilkes Land, ↑West, ↑western United States, ↑East Africa, ↑Cappadocia, ↑Galatia, ↑Phrygia, ↑Pontus, ↑Illyria, ↑Caribbean, ↑Bengal, ↑Patagonia, ↑pampas, ↑Southeast Asia, ↑Manchuria, ↑Turkistan, ↑Turkestan, ↑French Indochina, ↑Mesoamerica, ↑Czechoslovakia, ↑Moravia, ↑Bohemia, ↑Scandinavia, ↑Saxony, ↑Sachsen, ↑Saxe, ↑Rhineland, ↑Rheinland, ↑Brandenburg, ↑Prussia, ↑Preussen, ↑Ruhr, ↑Ruhr Valley, ↑Thuringia, ↑Karelia, ↑Epirus, ↑Laconia, ↑Lycia, ↑Lydia, ↑Thessalia, ↑Thessaly, ↑Arcadia, ↑Middle East, ↑Mideast, ↑Near East, ↑Fertile Crescent, ↑West Bank, ↑Galilee, ↑Gaza Strip, ↑Gaza, ↑Golan Heights, ↑Golan, ↑Palestine, ↑Canaan, ↑Holy Land, ↑Promised Land, ↑Judah, ↑Juda, ↑Judea, ↑Judaea, ↑Philistia, ↑Byzantine Empire, ↑Byzantium, ↑Eastern Roman Empire, ↑Western Roman Empire, ↑Western Empire, ↑Serbia, ↑Srbija, ↑Montenegro, ↑Crna Gora, ↑Dalmatia, ↑Labrador, ↑Maritime Provinces, ↑Maritimes, ↑Canadian Maritime Provinces, ↑Klondike, ↑Austria-Hungary, ↑British Empire, ↑Cumbria, ↑New Forest, ↑East Anglia, ↑Lancashire, ↑Yorkshire, ↑Northumbria, ↑West Country, ↑Wessex, ↑Ulster, ↑Caledonia, ↑Hindustan, ↑Sikkim, ↑Kanara, ↑Canara, ↑Punjab, ↑Gujarat, ↑Gujerat, ↑Maharashtra, ↑Gulf States, ↑Elam, ↑Susiana, ↑Levant, ↑Macedon, ↑Macedonia, ↑Makedonija, ↑Thrace, ↑Mesopotamia, ↑Babylonia, ↑Chaldaea, ↑Chaldea, ↑Sumer, ↑Assyria, ↑Phoenicia, ↑Phenicia, ↑Gaul, ↑Gallia, ↑Riviera, ↑Midi, ↑Normandie, ↑Normandy, ↑Orleanais, ↑Lyonnais, ↑Savoy, ↑Guiana, ↑Friesland, ↑Frisia, ↑Thule, ↑ultima Thule, ↑Lappland, ↑Lapland, ↑Tartary, ↑Tatary, ↑Mongolia, ↑Western Sahara, ↑Spanish Sahara, ↑Kashmir, ↑Cashmere, ↑Jammu and Kashmir, ↑Parthia, ↑Nejd, ↑Najd, ↑Hejaz, ↑Hedjaz, ↑Hijaz, ↑Chechnya, ↑Chechenia, ↑Chechen Republic, ↑Siberia, ↑European Russia, ↑Livonia, ↑Colchis, ↑Donets Basin, ↑Donbass, ↑Donbas, ↑Iberia, ↑Latin America, ↑Galicia, ↑Leon, ↑Sudan, ↑Soudan, ↑Tanganyika, ↑Kurdistan, ↑Iraqi Kurdistan, ↑Ionia, ↑East Coast, ↑West Coast, ↑New England, ↑Mid-Atlantic states, ↑Confederacy, ↑Confederate States, ↑Confederate States of America, ↑South, ↑Dixie, ↑Dixieland, ↑Deep South, ↑Sunbelt, ↑Tidewater, ↑Tidewater region, ↑Piedmont, ↑North, ↑Carolina, ↑Carolinas, ↑Dakota, ↑Bluegrass, ↑Bluegrass Country, ↑Bluegrass Region, ↑Low Countries, ↑Lusitania, ↑Silesia, ↑Slask, ↑Slezsko, ↑Schlesien, ↑Big Sur, ↑Silicon Valley, ↑Sub-Saharan Africa, ↑Black Africa, ↑Scythia, ↑North Africa, ↑West Africa

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